An evolving system image

An evolving system

Our energy system is evolving. Who uses the GB network and how they use it is different today than it was a decade ago. We have the opportunity to operate our electricity system more flexibly and efficiently for the benefit of end consumers.

The charging challenge image

The charging challenge

The access and charging arrangements behind our electricity network need to evolve to create a level playing field, recover revenue in a fair way, and reduce distortions. This is a big task for GB’s network companies, network users and their customers.

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Collaborative change

Charging Futures is a programme to coordinate significant charging reform, in a way where every stakeholder can equally contribute to change. It will help network users to plan, manage and shape future reform together by providing one place to:

  • Learn - about network charging and proposed changes
  • Ask - Ofgem, network experts and code administrators about how it may impact you
  • Contribute - at a high level through a quarterly Forum, or in detail through Task Forces