What is the Transmission Network Use of Systems Charges Task Force?

Transmission Network Use of Systems Charges Task Force

Following Ofgem’s update on their thoughts around what is in and out of scope of the Task Force at the end of May 2022; the application process for becoming a member of the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) Task Force was opened to industry.

The Task Force members have been selected to bring together a group of people with a range of strengths and expertise and ensure balanced representation across different interests and roles within the industry. 

Membership is made up of a range of TNUoS-interested participants. This includes generators (including conventional and renewable, transmission and distribution connected); storage operators; suppliers (covering I&C, SME, and domestic customers, from a mix of larger and smaller suppliers, established suppliers and newer entrants); non-domestic energy users; consumer representatives; NGESO; Ofgem; with Transmission Owner and DNO representatives as observers.

The Task Force will look at: 

  • Root causes of the unpredictability of TNUoS charges and how these might be addressed.  
  • Examination of the input data into the current model used to calculate the locational element of TNUoS to ensure charges remain cost reflective. This will consider the inherent trade-off between improving predictability and cost reflectivity.  
  • The ESO will be leading and providing coordination and administrative (secretariat) support for the Task Force.  The scope for the Task Force and timetable for delivery of the outputs can be found in the terms of reference. 

The next Task Force meeting date:  


15 November


Meeting 10




The Task Force members are detailed below: 

Generator Task Force Members Stephen McKellar
  Grace March
  Joe Dunn
  John Tindal
  Joseph Dunn
  Lauren Jauss
  Paul Jones
  Adam Morrison
Storage Operators Task Force Member Simon Lord
Supplier Task Force Members Aled Moses
  Binoy Dharsi
  George Moran
  Sam Davies
Non Domestic Energy Users Task Force Member TBC
Consumer Representatives Task Force Member Sam Hughes
National Grid Electricity Systems Operator Task Force Member Christian Parsons
Ofgem Task Force Member Harriet Harmon
Transmission Owner Task Force Observer TBC
Distribution Network Operator Task Force Observer Kyle Smith



To view the meeting dates, meeting papers, presentations, webinars, and podcasts please visit the  resources page.

You can read more around TNUoS here 

See Ofgem update on the Task Force here 


Getting in touch  

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