Charging Futures Overview

Charging Futures is a programme coordinating significant reform of electricity access and charging arrangements in close collaboration with users of GB's electricity network. 

Acting as a bridge between policy, industry initiatives and the industry code governance process, Charging Futures has four key parts: a quarterly Forum, a Delivery Body, review Task Forces and Ofgem as Chair.



Charging Futures Forum image

Charging Futures Forum

The primary place for users of the electricity network to learn, contribute and shape the future of charging arrangements. The Forum provides regular updates, high level reviews and consultations to progress the work of the charging Task Forces. It is facilitated by National Grid’s System Operator as Lead Secretariat and attendance is limited to one person per organisation. All are welcome to sign up to the distribution list.

Charging Delivery Body (CDB) image

Charging Delivery Body (CDB)

A group to focus on the practicalities of implementing Task Force and forum recommendations. Its members are those responsible for updating and implementing charging code change (network companies and code administrators), and will pull on the expertise of industry.

  • Read more about the role of the Charging Delivery Body, its members and meeting minutes.
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Charging Task Forces

Task Forces will review and recommend new arrangements in strategic charging topics, consulting the Charging Futures Forum and providing high level updates. Find out more about our live and previous Task Forces here.

Charging Futures Chair - Ofgem image

Charging Futures Chair - Ofgem

Ofgem chairs the Charging Futures Forum and Charging Delivery Body to provide strategic guidance on charging reform activity in line with their vision for the future energy system and their regulatory stances.