28 February 2018 Forum

The main focus for this Forum was on Access Rights and Forward Looking Charges - building on the work of the Task Forces around initial options for change.


Four questions considered at the Forum:

1. Should there be different access and charging arrangements for household/other small users, compared with larger non-domestic users? Why?

2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of moving from a ‘first come-first served’ basis for allocating capacity, to an auction based approach or other periodic allocation? 

3. Are there benefits with having a greater range of network access options available?

4. What changes could be made to improve the cost reflectivity of network charges?

These questions were covered in the February Pre-Forum Podcast for Forum attendees, which you can find here

  • Agenda

    The agenda on what was covered on the day of the forum.

  • Full Day Content

    All the slides from the forum.

    28 February Forum Slides
  • Summary Report

    An overview of the themes and topics that were discussed at the forum.

  • Podcasts

    Understand the questions being asked in the pre forum podcast then catch up with Jodie Cartwright and Rob Marshall from the Lead Secretariat as they discuss the day's activities and reflect on feedback heard from attendees at Ofgem's afternoon workshop.

    Pre & Post Forum Podcasts
  • Questions & Answers

    A summary of the questions asked on the day at the EV panel and general panel.

    Q & A summary
  • Andy Burgess, Ofgem
  • David Wildash, National Grid System Operator - Lead Secretariat
  • Rob Marshall, National Grid System Operator - Lead Secretariat
  • Judith Ross, Ofgem
  • Stew Horne, Citizen's Advice
  • Chris Brown, Ofgem
  • Elizabeth Allkins, Ovo Energy
  • Steve Halsey, UKPN
  • Nick Brooks, OLEV
  • James Ingram, TfL
  • Nicola Percival, Innogy Renewables UK Ltd
  • Jeremy Nicholson, EIUG
  • Jon Parker, Ofgem