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In response to Ofgem's working paper on the "Reform of electricity network access and forward looking charges"  a series of publications have been produced by the Access and Forward Looking Task Forces. These publications detail potential options and give conclusions to support the reform. 

Task Force meetings papers

21 March - Forward Looking Charges 

20 March - Access Task Force meeting

20 February - Joint Task Force Meeting

25 January - Forward Looking Task Force Meeting  

24 January - Access Task Force Meeting 

21 December - Forward Looking Charges Task Force meeting

18 December - Access Task Force meeting

1 December - Joint Task Force meeting

What's the role of a Task Force?

Charging Futures Task Forces help identify options for a broad charging topic and support Ofgem in assessing these options. Each Task Force is made up of volunteers who will actively contribute to the identifying options, producing impact assessments and engaging with wider industry participants. 

Active Task Forces

There are currently two Task Forces, that are considering how to progress Ofgem's working paper on the 'Reform of electricity network access and forward-looking charges':

  • Access Task Force
  • Forward Looking Charges Task Force

Although these are separate Task Forces, there will be a number of joint Task Force meetings. This is because of the close relationships between potential options, analysis and reforms on both access and forward looking charges. 

Scope of Task Forces

The Terms of Reference detail the scope of the Task Forces and the outputs that will be produced.

Who is on the Task Forces?

These Task Forces are chaired by Ofgem, supported by Energy Networks Association as secretariat. Task Force members are volunteers representing a spectrum of industry participants are on these two Task Forces - from network users, network owners and subject matter experts. Their contribution and outputs will be shared for review at the quarterly Charging Futures Forum, and then on to the Charging Delivery Body to consider the best route for implementation.   

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How can you get involved?

  • Keep up to date with the each Task Force meeting by viewing the resources below - including minutes and presentation slides.
  • Attend the next Charging Futures Forum where Task Force outputs will be presented and reviewed. Sign up here.
  • Look out for stakeholder workshops in the New Year to learn, ask and contribute to Task Force outputs.

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