Second Balancing Services Charges Task Force

The Second Balancing Services Charge Taskforce is coming – and we are looking for your help

As you may be aware, Ofgem published their final decision and impact assessment on the Targeted Charging Review in November 2019. Ofgem made an important announcement on the work of the Balancing Services Task Force.

The first Task Force concluded that Balancing Services Charges should be treated as cost-recovery charges. In order to develop this work further, Ofgem have requested that there will be a second Balancing Services Task Force, led by National Grid ESO.

The Task Force will be tasked with applying the TCR principles to balancing services charges as a cost-recovery charge to consider how they should be recovered. The second Task Force will be asked to look at two specific questions:

  • Who should be liable for Balancing Services Charges, and;
  • How should these charges be recovered.


How can I get involved?

The Second Task Force will commence in January 2020, with a final report due back to Ofgem in June 2020.

Today we have published the draft terms of reference. We value your feedback on these, and if you have any comments, please send them through to by 20 December 2019.

We have also opened the selection process for the Second Task Force - all parties with interest and expertise in balancing service charges are welcome to apply. Please send an email to by 6 January 2019, detailing your reasoning for applying and knowledge you can bring to this vital piece of work. If successful in becoming a member or alternate, you will be contacted in due course.