Balancing Service Charges Task Force

Balancing Services Charges Task Force

This task force has now concluded you find details of the current Second Balancing Services Charges Task Force here


Alongside the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) document Ofgem has asked the Electricity System Operator (ESO) to launch a Balancing Services Charges Task Force under the Charging Futures arrangements to provide analysis to support decisions on the future direction of Balancing Services Use of System charges (BSUoS).

The ESO will be leading and providing coordination and administrative (secretariat) support for the Task Force.  The scope for the Task Force and timetable for delivery of the outputs can be found in the Terms of Reference.


To view the meeting papers, presentations, webinars, and podcasts please visit the Resources Page. 

Getting in touch 

If you have any questions about any of the Balancing Services Charges Task Force, please don't hesitate to ask us:


The Task Force members are detailed below:




Email Contact

Role Within Task Force

Colm Murphy

National Grid ESO


Joseph Henry

National Grid ESO

Technical Secretary

Mike Oxenham

National Grid ESO

Task Force Member

John Tindall


Task Force Member

Paul Jones

Uniper UK Ltd

Task Force Member

Paul Mott

EDF Energy

Task Force Member

George Moran


Task Force Member

Grace Smith

UK Power Reserve

Task Force Member

Laurence Barrett


Task Force Member

David Bird

Octopus Investments

Task Force Member

Dr Graham Pannell


Task Force Member

Lisa Waters

Waters Wye Associates

Task Force Member

Caroline Bragg

The Association for Decentralised Energy

Task Force Member

Nicholas Gall

Solar Trade Association

Task Force Member

Joseph Underwood

Energy UK

Task Force Member

James Kerr

Citizens Advice

Task Force Member

Rob Hudson

Tata Chemicals Europe

Task Force Member

Tom Edwards

Cornwall Insight

Task Force Member

Nigel Bessant


Task Force Member

Tim Aldridge


Task Force Member