Balancing Services Charges Task Force Resources

29 January - Agenda, Presentation, Minutes, Podcast summarising what happened at the first meeting.

11 February - Agenda, Presentation, Minutes.

28 February - Agenda, Presentation, Minutes.

12 March - Agenda, Presentation, Minutes.

26 March - Agenda, Presentation, Minutes 

8 April - Agenda, Presentation

24 April - Agenda

Please click here to listen to the latest Balancing Services Charges Task Force Podcast

Watch the webinar that the ESO hosted on 7 March 2019 which gives you an update on the progress being carried out by the Task Force. If you missed the webinar you can watch the recording here, the slides from the webinar can also be viewed here.


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To view the Terms of Reference and find contact details for Task Force Members go to the Balancing Services Charges Task Force home page.