Proposed Changes and Potential Impacts

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What could change?

Ofgem's launch of a significant code review (SCR) marks the start of a process which seeks to implement wide-ranging and holistic reform in these areas. As part of this process Ofgem have decided to review:

  • access rights for small & large users with the aim of increasing the choice of arrangements,
  • how forward-looking charges on the distribution network can work to encourage efficient use of the system,
  • how charges to connect to the distribution network can work in-line with forward-looking charges to reduce barriers to connection whilst still sending a strong signal to efficiently use the network,
  • and how forward-looking charges on the transmission network can work to create consistent signals for generators connected across all levels of the network.

Any changes decided through this process would be implemented in 2023

You can learn more about what the Access and Forward-Looking SCR covers in our SCR overview webinar with Ofgem

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How might any changes affect me?

Before Launching the SCR, Ofgem sought industry views through a consultation on what areas of access arrangements and forward-looking charges should be reviewed. During this period we ran a series of podcasts which sought the views and questions of different network users on the changes. Hearing the views of these network users will be a great place to start for understanding how you may be impacted going forward.

These episodes are called the 'Access series' of the Charging Futures podcast. This podcast can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud or wherever you normally listen to your podcasts by searching for Charging Futures.

We also hosted a webinar with Ofgem in July 2018. In this webinar, Ofgem outlined what the options for reform could mean for electric vehicle owners, generators and commercial demand consumers.

Please be aware that since this webinar, Ofgem defined the scope of what options for reform are being taken forward when they launched the SCR. You can view the webinar giving an overview of the SCR here.    

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How can I find out more?


  • sign up to become a member of Charging Futures if you would like to find out when the next Charging Futures Forum is. These forums will present progress on the SCR and give you an opportunity to ask industry experts questions. 
  • you can contact Ofgem directly on Access and Forward-looking charges via
  • for any other questions on charging reform or Charging Futures, contact the Electricity System Operator, Lead Secretariat for Charging Futures at